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PSA Peugeot Citroën Dealers in Europe

incadea solutions are used throughout PSA dealerships throughout multiple countries in Europe and beyond. Almost 200 dealerships with over 4,500 end users are currently using incadea's dealer management solution to grow their business, streamline operations and improve customer experience. 

Hear directly from PSA dealers in the Netherlands, Italy and Belgium about their experience with incadea.dms.
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Pagani Great China "As the world-renowned solution provider, incadea has a rich experience in solution development and implementation. We are confident that this Cloud-based solution will improve the management and optimization of our internal resources to the next level and bring the best service to our customers.”

Emma Liang

Ernst Dello “The system is based on a well-known Microsoft product that guarantees high quality. In addition, incadea is currently the only software supplier to cover the brand diversity of Dello. The existing broad portfolio of the different brand layers will also enable us to expand our business areas without having to take care of the technical details.”

"incadea is a global player and thus offers great investment security. As incadea is part of Cox Automotive we also see the opportunity for a variety of additional software system ‘synergies’. In recent years, incadea has acted as a reliable partner in the national environment, and we are confident that incadea.dms will provide us with a future-proof and expandable solution for our business.”

Gunnar Schierloh

IT Manager
European Motor Distributors Limited "incadea is a key system in our digital ecosystem and version 7 is an important step on the journey to become the best small automotive importer in the world, our company's vision. Our vision for this project was to be the first VW importer to implement incadea V7, to achieve a benchmark implementation project and to minimize disruption on the go. We would not have done that without such an experienced expert and dedicated project team from incadea New Zealand.
Truly a world class outcome!"

Glynn Tulloch | 
Group General Manager 
Matt Tohill | 
General Manager Digital

European Motor Distributors Limited is an importer and distributor of
Audi, Porsche Volkswagen, Volkswagen Commercial, Skoda and SEAT for New Zealand.

Audi Volkswagen Taiwan "This project has exceeded all expectations we had. In the beginning I never believed a project of this magnitude could be delivered within the committed timeframe with good quality. incadea has done it, professionally executing full deployment on schedule and on budget, something never seen before in my professional life of over 30 years. Kudos to incadea and for the team work displayed between incadea and our project team and for doing such a good job!"

Ronnie Marais
Visscher Autogroep "PSA endorses two software solutions, we chose incadea because it was the best by far. One of the other reasons why we chose incadea.dms is that it's Microsoft-based and therefore is fully integrated and easy to use so that everybody's needs are met and we manage the company in the right way. I should stress in particular that it is a really integrated system, it eliminates all the Excel files which means that we are more efficient and we can manage our company in a perfectly streamlined way."

"incadea.dms enables dealers to increase customer satisfaction as it helps us make the most out of our data, that is key to understand our customers and their needs. I would definitely recommend incadea to other companies, we have had a good experience with the organisation. Without a reliable DMS solution in place you don't have a future."

"The dms is very customizable, you can set it up based on your own requirements so that you will get what you need. But it is crucial to set it up in the right way, and identify your needs before setup."

Henk Visscher
Owner / Director
Toyota Caucasus & Central Asia "Toyota Caucasus chose incadea due to its proposed technology, which occupies a leading position in the market, as well as the undeniable experience of working with the dealership. The fact that incadea is present all over the world, plays an important role for our dealerships, our network is spread along different countries of the Caucasus and Central Asia. We expect to integrate the offered technology in each dealership of our network."

George Tsiramua
IT Development Manager
Automotions Peugeot "We recently went live with incadea.dms and are very happy with the solution. incadea.dms is a modern solution with a user-friendly interface and aligns with the Automotions Peugeot vision. The platform Microsoft Dynamics offers many opportunities for expansion and we are flexible in the way we want to set up our processes. The connection between incadea.dms and our BI solution enables us to gain insights regarding revenue targets and goals on a daily basis, or even more frequently. For example, it is now possible to measure and compare the different KPI’s between the makes."

Peter Baan

Director Aftersales
Grupo Autofin México "The most positive part of our cooperation with incadea was the excellent attention and support we received, starting with the training provided by highly qualified personnel to all areas of the company. With the new efficient, role-tailored and secure DMS, Autofin now has the capability to work as one multi-branded group, as one team. 

We reached the following results: 
Simplify the decision-making through instant access to all up-to-date information
Inventory control
Data quality and protection
Reliable operation processes"

"I would recommend incadea because it is a robust and reliable solution for the management, information analysis and control of the administrative activities of an automotive company."

Jaime Cortes
Brand Manager
Autolider Ecuador "The teamwork between incadea and Autolider has worked excellently, mainly because we have not seen incadea as a simple system provider. We had to commit to a new vision on how to improve our business also benefiting our customers."

"Through the implementation of the incadea DMS we were able to solve critical issues and at the moment comprehensive information is available which can be validated in each of the modules of the system."

Alberto Erandi

"incadea is an excellent robust system, intuitive and adaptable to any size of dealer or dealer chain, for technical and end-users. It is a comprehensive solution, including all the interfaces required by the car manufacturer and meeting all the standards of the brand."

Ricaldo Balseca
Administrative and Financial Manager
Henri & Herman "The project was fully managed by incadea Netherlands and there was an outstanding job of structuring the whole process. We agreed relatively quickly that we would split the project into three phases. I like to work with defined structures and clearly delineated elements."

"Our customer contact centre now employs a team of eight people. They follow up in exactly the right way at exactly the right time, both during and after the sale. In addition to booking sales appointments, the CCC employees can schedule workshop appointments and send confirmations. This CCC adds value for our customers, and we see this added value reflected in our customer satisfaction scores."

Robert Eppingbroek
Financial Director
Greve Banden "We’re very enthusiastic that we have started with incadea.fastfit. With incadea.fastfit we have a reliable and future proof solution based on the most modern Microsoft technology. With a few clicks we have insights in all the essential information, like purchase and sales prices, actual stock, discounts and vehicle data. This makes our sales process a lot more efficient. Our employees are also able to serve our customers even better and are able to process the orders faster."

Wilco Greve

Owner / Director
Automagenta "It became crucial to have integrated IT systems in order to lead up to the sale and continue the relationship with the customer even after. An integrated solution is necessary for many aspects of our business, ranging from CRM to pre-financing a new vehicle, accounting and after-sales service."

Davide Ridolfi
Owner / Sales & Marketing Manager 

"Automagenta is going through a business growth phase both from a structural as well as an organizational point of view. We realized that we needed a solution that would allow us to track our business 360 degrees. We needed a system for the long-term and incadea was considered the most adequate solution. Incadea offers us a comprehensive, integrated, but flexible solution suitable to our needs."

Federico Cubaiu
Internal Control and Customer Satisfaction Manager
SVS Motors "The objective of a dealership is to bring great service quality to their customers. Customers have to be satisfied and this requires perfect customer service. This means the same requirement with any IT solution – Excellent service requires an excellent IT solution and great support."

Sébastien Van Sante

"We know that for a daily usage, vehicle sales, service, the system provides many options to improve our business with additional integrations with PSA Group applications we have the ability to follow the customer cycle and generate campaigns, recalls towards all our customers and prospects. The analytics that we get from the whole dealership activities is a real plus in managing our business!"

Olivier Thomas 
Haval Motor Rus “As one of the most famous companies in the information technology area, incadea has extensive experience in creating and implementing incadea IMS - industry solution for the automotive business. We are confident that the system developed by incadea team for us will improve interaction with a dealer network quality and efficiency."

Liu Liying
Deputy General Director
Daimler Colombia "We have decided to collaborate with incadea and appoint incadea.myengine as a DMS solution for own retail in the country. We selected incadea based on its market-leading technology and unrivalled expertise within the automotive retail sector. We are confident that incadea DMS will provide Daimler dealers with the right tools to stay ahead of the industry trends and requirements, and provide our customers with an exceptional sales experience.”

Alejandro Trujillo

Michelin China “This partnership will allow us to better answer to retailers’ needs to capture the expected growth of the tire and car service business in China over the next several years in our TYREPLUS franchise network. incadea has a great reputation for delivering sustainable technology solutions that help retailers to manage better their operations locally and across the region.”

Pascal Roche
Commercial Director
PSA Peugeot Citroën "PSA PEUGEOT CITROËN has decided to collaborate with incadea and appoint incadea.myengine as a global DMS solution to cover Peugeot and Citroën Automobiles networks methods and business processes as well as integration to "PSA Central Systems" that supports these methods. PSA seeks to provide for its Automobiles Peugeot and Automobiles Citroën networks, the best possible complementarity between the DMS and its in-house information systems for our dealers around the world, with 2 stakes: satisfy our clients and maximize the dealers' profitability".

Phillipe Uny

Director Information System for Sales and Marketing