Strategic Alliance with Microsoft

incadea is Microsoft’s strategic international partner in the automotive retail industry providing automotive dealers and importers with powerful and proven Microsoft-based solutions.

Sharing the common value of helping customers around the world reach their full potential through the use of innovative and proven technological solutions, incadea has achieved and embraced a long term strategic partnership with Microsoft, one of the leading software companies worldwide. The long standing relationship between incadea and Microsoft is part of the company's business strategy bringing considerable experience, research and development and ongoing investments. As a result, the entire incadea solutions suite, including incadea.dms | incadea.fastfit | incadea.mysales | incadea.myservice | | incadea.crm | has been designed and developed based on the latest Microsoft technology - naming Microsoft's its exclusive technology partner. 

Alliance Highlights

The incadea-Microsoft partnership combines incadea's deep industry expertise and quality technology consulting capabilities with the Microsoft platform and related technologies to provide innovative, high-quality and cost-effective solutions to customers throughout the world.

  1. incadea is one of the biggest Independent Software Vendors (ISV) for Microsoft and is a member of the ISV partner advisory council
  2. incadea achieves the 2017/2018 Inner Circle for Microsoft Dynamics
  3. incadea won the 2014 Microsoft Dynamics Global Outstanding ISV of the Year Award
  4. In 2013 incadea joined Microsoft's Global Independent Software Vendor (GISV) program
  5. In 2008, incadea was recognized as an 'Outstanding ISV partner'

Benefits for incadea and customers

The strategic relationship with Microsoft provides significant insight into the Microsoft product strategy and resources related to Microsoft's go-to-market positioning. incadea software engineers and developers have access to the latest training, tools, predictive guidance, best practices and early access to all Microsoft emerging technologies.

  1. Ability to integrate latest Microsoft technology to incadea software solutions
  2. The alliance between the two companies shows commitment to go to the automotive retail market side by side to satisfy the needs of automotive retail clients