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The Automotive industry is a complex and demanding business environment facing unprecedented challenges.

From globalization and economic uncertainty, to increasing consumer demands, these challenges often stand in the way of growth. Success in this market requires intense focus on responding rapidly to market opportunities, improving performance and productivity, while reducing costs and inefficiencies.

  • Are mature markets doing business better?
  • Do OEMs offer appropriate solutions/processes for the dealers’ daily business?
  • Do the managers know how much their business loses due to inefficiencies?
  • What are the root causes of major time wasted in a dealership?
  • How much can you gain through upselling in service and reactivating lost sales?

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Business Services and Innovations
OEM Management Consulting Our experts support OEMs and their service providers in the delivery of quality-assured processes and planned applications for automotive retail and wholesale. Based on our long-standing experience and automotive expertise, we help you ensure your processes are both user-friendly and customer-centric.

  • Get support in developing or evaluating newly introduced processes
  • Receive feedback on the requirements of the identified pilot markets regarding prioritization and assessing the potential in-market feasibility
  • Obtain input in approving and endorsing the modelled processes
  • Get competent consultancy regarding process implementation in pilot markets
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Industry Trends Research incadea´s experience of over 15 years in the automotive industry supported by our long-term relationships with leading OEMs enable our experts to provide our customers with sophisticated insights into the newest automotive business trends. Combining their own experience and knowledge with results of studies and extensive research, our business consultants make sure you receive the best fit for your needs and advise you on the optimal way to manage the change.

  • Keep up with the newest automotive business trends
  • Get unique insights into international and local practices of the automotive industry
  • Make informed decisions based on facts and figures
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Value Discovery Studies With our Value Discovery Studies we offer a comprehensive analysis of dealership operations, focusing not only on the functionality of the software in use, but also analyzing the dealership operations from the first-hand perspective of the individuals working with it.

  • Get a holistic view of your dealership’s operations and compare key performance indicators with the industry averages
  • Identify pain points: ineffective processes and functionalities that cost your business time and money
  • Uncover potential for improvements and identify concrete change strategy
  • Make informed decisions based on facts and figures, not on hunches
  • Improve efficiency and profitability of your business
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Dealer 4.0 Dealer 4.0, our vision of transforming the traditional dealership into an interactive, customer-friendly, high-tech experience. Dealer 4.0 supports the customer journey from dealer and OEM Websites and social media through to physical retail locations frequented by consumers. It is a technology rich concept with nearly limitless capabilities, aiming to revolutionize the way car manufacturers and dealerships sell cars, position their brands, and do business.

Are you ready to revolutionize the way you sell cars?

  • Create new lead generation channel
  • Increase customer interest and engagement
  • Build confidence and trust
  • Expand upselling opportunities
  • Improve stock management
  • Boost brand value
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Speed up Your Business

For more than a decade, incadea has worked with leading automotive industry players, helping them to become high performers and to improve their market position through the use of world-class technology. Extensive research and analysis of the needs of our clients has enabled us to gain deep insight into the industry and its key drivers.

This industry expertise is embedded in incadea's proprietary enterprise software solutions which enable car manufacturers and their dealer networks to improve and standardize processes, reduce costs and increase growth. At a time when car manufacturers are streamlining their dealer management systems, incadea is experiencing strong growth in demand for its solutions to deliver:

  • Faster speed to market
  • Greater focus on customer and vehicle relationship management
  • Data capture and management to support decision making
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